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For these users in India, Google is offering Drive Storage for Just Rs 35: This Is How It Operates

<p>For PC, iOS, and Android users, Google Drive is the greatest option for online storage. The business offers a variety of cloud options to suit consumers’ requirements and financial constraints. The most affordable Google Drive subscription in India is Rs 130 a month, but starting in 2024, the firm is giving customers a special discount to let them to test out cloud storage and decide whether it’s worth the investment.</p>
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<p>We advise you to check your Google Drive account using your Google ID to see whether you are eligible for the special discount since Google is only providing this special pricing on Drive for a short time.</p>
In India, Google Drive plans start at Rs 130 per month for 100GB. However, for a limited time, individuals may purchase Drive storage for only Rs 35 for a three-month period; thereafter, they must pay Rs 130 each month. Similarly, the 200GB Drive plan costs Rs 210 a month, but you can get it for Rs 50 for three months if you take advantage of the deal. The greatest benefit package, 2TB Drive, costs Rs 650 a month, but you may obtain it in the nation for Rs 160 for three months.</p>
<p>Only those who have never paid for Drive are eligible for these Drive plan offers. We discovered this by comparing the standard Google account, which only offers the standard 15GB of free cloud storage, with our paying Google account. This indicates that Google is aiming to attract new customers to its Drive cloud storage service by offering them a trial version of the platform at a reduced rate. After three months, they will be required to pay the full amount.</p>
<p>This offer’s timing is intriguing since, in 2024, Google Drive will likely become more popular as WhatsApp prepares to discontinue providing free storage. The messaging app has verified that their storage allotment would be used in the Google Drive account starting in early 2024. Therefore, you may finally have to start paying for Drive storage if you haven’t done so before.</p>

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