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BTS members are the wealthiest K-pop idols; THIS singer abandons the Bangtan Boys

<p>Members of BTS are now taking a break to finish their required military duty. These Kpop stars have made news and accomplished new heights even if they aren’t in the spotlight. The members of BTS were included in the top five of the most wealthy Kpop idols list, which was just revealed. But in 2024, a different K-pop superstar overtook BTS to take the title of wealthiest K-pop idol. View the list of the wealthiest K-pop idols along with an estimate of their net worth.</p>
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<p>Kpop’s Top 5 Richest Idols:</p>
<p>IU is the wealthiest Kpop star, according to The Netizens Report. BTS members V, Jungkook, Jhope, and Suga come after her.</p>
<p>1. IU: USD 45 million<br />
2. 40 million USD for BTS V<br />
3. BTS Jungkook: US$35,000,000<br />
Fourth: BTS Jhope: $30 million<br />
5. BTS Suga is worth $30 million.</p>
<p>IU has worked with BTS members, and they have a close relationship. The singer and V, real name Kim Taehyung, recently worked together on the song “Love Wins All.” V explained his decision to participate in the music video, saying, “I didn’t have much time since I was getting ready for my solo album. I couldn’t shoot the drama or film that I had promised the Army. It was unfortunate, and I felt disappointed that I couldn’t do what the Army would have wanted to see. Before I go (for the military), I’m attempting to leave as much as possible. Thus, I believe they’ll have something entertaining to watch while they wait.”</p>
<p>LGBTQIA people voiced their worries over the song’s usage of the phrase “Love Wins,” which led to criticism of the song’s title from sexual minorities earlier. ‘Love Wins’ is a pride parade motto, according to some internet users, and the song may lessen the significance of the word by depicting heterosexual partnerships.</p>
<p>IU and Suga previously collaborated on the latter’s album, “D-Day.” Jhope has previously been on IU’s “Pallete” chat program.</p>

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